5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Cat

If you’re looking for a soft, cuddly companion that purrs, it’s time to get a cat. With owning a cat, comes with responsibility. Especially since cats live between 13-17 years, or even up to 20 years long! Here are the 5 top things to consider before buying a cat.

1. Think Adoption

One of the best and most beautiful things you can do, is give a cat a home. There are plenty of wonderful animal shelters who have cats looking for a forever home. Some great animal shelters to begin looking for your feline friend are; RATS, BlueCross, WoodGreen and HulaRescue.

2. DO NOT Declaw your Cat

This type of surgery involves amputating the end of your cat’s toes, and it is extremely painful. There are plenty of other ways to prevent your cat from scratching you, by getting a scratching post, your cat can scratch and shed their outer nail to reveal the fresh claw underneath. This helps keep their paws healthy and happy.

3. Designate a Special Space

You’ll need to designate a special space for your feline friend, they’ll need to feel like they have somewhere to stretch out and feel comfortable when they need to be alone. There are plenty of great accessories and essentials that your cat will need, here is a great list of some fantastic cat accessories.

4. Letting your cat outside is NOT recommended

Whilst we know cats roam free and enjoying exploring the outdoors, be sure to take precaution on monitoring when your cat comes and goes. Your cat could get lost, hit by a car and get into fights with other animals, whilst bringing home diseases or parasites. Should you decide to let your cat to venture, you should make sure they wear a safety collar and have a chip so that you can track your cat.

5. Insure your cat

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. There is nothing worse than not being prepared for when your cat needs medical attention, and it can be costly. With cat insurance this provides peace of mind for if anything unfortunate is to happen. Scratch travel map
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