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Japanese Translation Company: Communicate quote requests clearly & nail that fast turnaround!

Clear, succinct communication is the Number One factor that will determine how fast your English Japanese translation project is turned around. And, it all starts with the estimate, or quote, request.

If anything, understand that translation companies:

Will only issue quotes for serious inquiries that will likely lead to a firm order.

(Companies are, by their very nature, for profit entities and they have plenty of experience spotting quote request that lead nowhere. Indeed, they get dozens of such quotes each and every single day!)

Therefore, you need to communicate your project requirements clearly so that the translation company takes your request seriously. Here’s the kind of quote, which unfortunately happens far too often, that will probably not get a response from a translation company:

I need Japanese translation. Can you issue a quote for cost and turnaround?

This is the whole request – There are no documents attached to base the request on, no additional information, nothing! Why would this quote request not get a second look?

Well, obviously, the inquiry speaks volumes for the lack of project requirements understanding and/or clear communications. This will lead to endless emails & phone calls teasing out the project requirements. A professional Japanese translation company starts thinking costs, costs & more costs! Indeed, our translation company in Japan, Tokyo has on many an occasion found the actual translation turn-around of the project was a mere fraction of the time compared to getting all the project requirements! After running a cost-benefit analysis, it became clear there simply was not a case for engaging these kinds of vague quote requests.

(I hasten to add that folks that genuinely need a hand are engaged and guided through the quote requesting process.)

So, in communicating your requirements clearly when requesting a translation quote or estimate not only will translation companies respond to your inquiry, you’ll get a faster turnaround on your Japanese translation project. And, you know what? You reap additional benefits for your project from communicating clearly. That is, since the translation folks know exactly what you want, they will be able to get the job done right first time round — Quality improves and costs go down!

You can only win with clear, succinct communication when requesting a quote from a professional Japanese translation company