A new method to keep your beer cold longer

Being able to drink one’s own cold beer from start to finish, especially on the hottest days of the year, is not at all simple, but now you can claim to have found an economical and ecological solution to make this possible. This is “stubby holders“, a project recently launched on the crowd funding platform that promises to keep your beer at the right temperature for at least an hour.

Stubby holder is a sort of coaster on which to place your beer can composed of a metal part and a plastic one. The first, in contact with the can, will allow it to maintain the right temperature, while the second will avoid the dispersion of cold on the support surface. To put the object in a position to perform its function will be enough to store the freezer for at least two hours before use.

A simple and brilliant idea that will be commercialized once the target of 25 thousand dollars has been set by the two creators. At the moment for those who decide to support the crowd funding campaign stubby holder has a cost of 10 dollars.

Here are some tips:

Refrigerator bag or thermal bag, with siberini: is the ideal solution, more professional and the siberini kept in the freezer guarantee a prolonged temperature maintenance. Obviously it is good to put very cold beers in the container, so it is better to stop them a couple of hours in the freezer, but avoiding freezing. For beer lovers, you can resort to the use of thermal bags specially designed to accommodate cans and bottles, which also keep valuable drinks away from knocks and damage. Arrived at the beach, it is absolutely necessary to place the container in a place sheltered from the sun, perhaps by leaning on clothing and zans to further limit the heat exchange.

Thermal bottle: if you do not have the siberines available, you can make them rudimentary using simple plastic water bottles. Fill them for 3/4, add a handful of salt to lower the freezing point and place it in the freezer overnight. Ideal system combined with the thermal bag, but if you miss this too, wraps the ice sheets in alternating layers with beers in old newspapers. Paper is an excellent thermal insulator. Then put everything in a convenient container or a normal bag. Furthermore, all the measures mentioned in the previous point are valid.

Advantages of purchasing the materials online

In modern world, people love to buy each and everything from the comfort of their living room. There are multiple reasons for that. Main reason is rather than going out in heavy traffic and checking different stores for the material you wish to buy, they prefer to do it online. It helps them reducing the time they spent for shopping. Also when you purchase online, you can get to know the reviews about the product and manufacturers instantly from the buyers who purchased it previously rather than have to check with friends. It is the main advantage and also they don’t need to worry about carrying so many things while shopping, products will be delivered to their door step with the online purchases.

How to buy switch gears

You may have constructed a new home and want to purchase the electrical materials for the house. Best way to do is to go online and purchase weatherproof switchgear which is available online. You can look at different models from various manufacturers. You can choose the best one which will suit your requirement and budget. Before you pay in the website few things you need to confirm. First thing is whether the selected model is the reliable and manufactured according to the statutory requirements. Second things is whether it will fit in to the budget you have allocated for the purchase and the third one is whether this model will solve your requirements. Once you have decided on these three steps then you can proceed to check the reviews about various buyers who have purchased the same previously and using it for quite some time. If you go through them you will find both pros and cons from the users. It will help you decided whether you can with the model you have chosen already or to go for alternate models. Always choose three or four different models, and then you can cut down based on all the points listed above. But you don’t need to worry about delivery. Most of the online stores will adhere to the delivery time committed in their website and will deliver the same to the address you have given. Once you have received the same in your place, you can get your electrician to fit the same in the house and complete the wiring and other works which are pending for the switchgear to arrive. So it is very easy to purchase the electrical material online.

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