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The Best Flowers You Can Give a Lady According to Florists

Florists say that flowers are classic, fail-safe way to charm a lady regardless of her age. This is an age-old secret that has been true since the time of your greatest forefathers. No matter what the occasion, flowers steer you in the right direction to a woman’s heart.

But the question many ask still remains: What kind of flowers should you get your lady?

Actually, as long as it’s not wilted, ladies will count the thought more rather than the actual flower. But if you want to impress her, here are some of the best flowers that can woo the lady in your life, as suggested by florists Singapore has:

  1. Rose: the flower of desire, love and passion

The rose is one of the most iconic flowers to give your special someone. They represent love, passion, lust, desire—all rolled into that perfectly arranged bud. Giving someone roses is a clear way of saying that you love and care for that someone deeply.


  1. Tulips: the perfect in-between

Tulips are one of the more recognizable flowers. After the rose, it is also known to symbolize love. Tulips come in different colors. White tulips, like most white flowers, represent purity. Tulips do not carry heavy significance of love compared to the rose, which makes it the perfect flower to give someone who you just want to show your simple affection.


  1. Hydrangeas: the flower of apology

There is an old story in Japan that an Emperor gave hydrangeas to a maiden he loved to apologize for being too busy with his work. If that’s good enough for the emperor, it should be good enough for you. This flower might not be as common as the rose but blue is a nice change of color for flowers.


  1. Lily: the flower of happiness

Lilies go all the way back to the ancient times when it is used for mythical traditions in the Greek and Roman times. Lilies are often requested from florists during weddings because it is said to bring good luck to the couple. Just by the looks of it, it is guaranteed to make anyone smile.


  1. Jasmine: the flower of fragrance

Jasmine is a flower with a heavenly scent. It shows elegance and promotes a sense of timelessness about it. The florists Singapore has agree that jasmine is one of the best flowers to give when you are already going steady and are going to that commitment stage.


A bouquet of flowers will go a long way with your lady. Beautifully arranged flowers from florists will tell your woman what your words have failed you. It is best, of course, if you notice your lady’s favorite flowers. But worry not if you don’t. Her favorite color is the next big secret to buying her flowers. Whether it’s a bouquet or a single stem from florists Singapore has, for a special occasion or not, flowers are sure to brighten your special someone’s day.